This past weekend, I headed up to Sydney with some mates in my team to attend the GovHack 2018 Red Carpet National Awards event – and what an event it was!

You can read more about the hack in my previous post, here

Day One // Flight up, Arrival, Red Carpet!

Flight Up

After being dropped off at MEL (thanks Mum & Dad!), I met up with Daniel (@) & Terence (@). We headed off for the flight which wasn’t actually too bad. Melbourne to Sydney flights are generally only an hour or so anyway, so by the time the plane is at maximum altitude it basically starts to descend.


We arrived in Sydney at about 10-11am and caught an Uber to a Swift Meetup and got to catch up with the legendary John (@) and Zach (@)

Grabbed brunch, coded for a bit and waited for checkin to open at the hotel :)

Red Carpet

At about 5pm, we headed over to the technology park where the red carpets were being held at, and we set up for the hack showcase before the award presentation ceremony.

It was a pretty solid event, good sliders coming around frequently with champagne for the occasion.

After the showcase, we headed in for the presentations and began the ceremony!

We walked out with two honourable mentions and a runners up prize for our team, which whilst it would have been awesome to come home with a win, I’m still proud of regardless!

Day Two // Catch up, Explore, Relax!

Today we didn’t have a planned agenda, other than catching up with the awesome Pat (@) and Zach (@).

We walked around Sydney CBD after grabbing breakfast near by at (@). Around the ICC at Sydney and caught a ferry down to (@). Pretty stunning views from the ferry of underneath the harbour bridge and the opera house!

(Also had a pretty solid meal at the Opera House Bar)

Day Three // Explore, Meeting & Flight Out!

Day 3 of the Sydney trip was mostly just checking out, and heading into the CBD for a catch up with some friends who work in the CBD. As per their recommendation, I tried Messina (a really delicious Ice Cream/Gelato shop) and they make a ripper Cookies and Cream and Chocolate Chip cone 👌

After this and some more walking around Sydney, I headed back to Sydney Airport and waited at the terminal to board my flight back home ✈️

Phone calls mid-flight!?

Flew back on a Virgin Flight from SYD -> MEL, and whilst I was on board I was curious as to how decent the complimentry wifi service on board is, so I tried to make a phone call back down to the ground from the sky!

I enabled Wi-Fi calling and whilst it did connect to Telstra successfully, making a call sounded like I was communicating with aliens. There was a very odd choppy sound through the call and whilst the recipients phone did ring, they even heard the same alienated noises.

Additionally, we tried a FaceTime Audio call and it worked perfectly! I could hear them and they could hear me, although I did not talk much as to not disrupt other passengers on my flight.

I can’t wait until calling and fast-internet is the norm on flights 😍