So this year, I’m taking advantage of the fact that I have to travel into the city quite a bit for school (might write up on why later on), by going to events that interest me. I’ve always been a fan of hackathons because they were something that I could attend on weekends.

But, many times I wasn’t able to attend conferences because of school – so now that school is not a reason for not being able to go, I promised myself I’d go to a few… and I’m glad I did :)

RMIT ITS Hack-a-thon

The RMIT ITS Hackathon was RMIT’s first hackathon (afaik) and was really fun (not just because our team won).
It was hosted at the RMIT Activator Building and was a good event.

We wanted to take coding and allow anyone to apply it to typically theoretical subjects as a new medium to learn (especially non-stem subjects), as understanding how something works really helps to truly understand the concept you’re learning.

On Saturday, I went and formed a team of three (including myself, Max and Cedric) on the day. We created a platform called ‘Ceducation’ that allows students to create visualisations for projects, as well as teachers creating simulations in order to teach via the platform. It’s super cool, and we’re still in discussions about what is going to happen post-hack with this project. More on this possibly later in another post.

It has some really cool AR simulations in it and is ultimately a web app. I might provide a demo URL for this in the future.

RMIT Cheque


/dev/world is a conference that has been running for over 11 years, and is run by a group called The AuC. It’s an all-apple conference, with sessions and workshops about various frameworks and new features on iOS.


The first day for /dev/world was Sunday, it was checkin day, and it was filled of workshops on topics like machine learning in Turi Create, and testing. I arrived late on Sunday due to the joys of using public transport 🙃, but was still able to attend some of the workshop.

What was great about Sunday as well was being able to see some familiar faces and catch up with some friends I’d met at previous events.


Monday was the first action packed day with a more full schedule and some more interesting talks. I wasn’t able to go for most of monday unfortunately due to having classes scheduled at the same time, but I was still able to make the most of a decent chunk of the day.

I went to a great talk by Mars Geldard (@TheMartianLife) that was on Machine Learning … minus the Machine. It was really interesting to see different ways to do machine learning in a way that wasn’t too in-depth with math.

There was also a super cool talk on Making a visual novel in HyperCard that used Mini vMac and showed how to make a novel using HyperCard. This was pretty really cool to see, and I was quite impressed!


And my favourite talk of the day, with an amazing emoji-animation slide, was from Pat Murray (@_patmurray). Pat’s talk spoke about one of his recent apps, Atlas. Specifically, how the app utilises CloudKit and how he built it in under a week using participatory design.

Emoji Slide
Love @_patmurray’s call-to-arms about Participatory Design, in which you involve your stakeholders in the design process so users actually get the features they want 🙌 #DevWorld pic.twitter.com/PebCslVGxZ— Josh Parnham (@joshparnham) 27 August 2018

Monday Dinner

Monday Night was the night of the official dinner for /dev/world. We had a super fun dinner quiz that was probably catered more for the people born before the 90s/00s, but it was fun nonetheless. (Apparently we all suck at Objective-C)

Dinner Keynote

The keynote was super fun, and the food was amazing. It was hosted at the Marriot and was MC’d by Tony from the AuC (@tonygray)



Tuesday was probably my favourite day of the conference, as I got to see some more amazing talks and really intruiging talks. Tuesday also hosted the (so I’ve been told, ‘famous’) lightning talks – and these were super funny spanning a wide array of topics.

One of the amazing talks I saw was by Zach Simone (@zachsimone) on SiriKit! Such a super cool framework and Zach’s example was well in depth and showed off some great examples.

Zach's Talk

And the lightning talks were on various topics, both tech and non-tech :)

Lightning Talks
Bacon Burger



Day One

I only went to one day of APIDays, and I was there representing MessageMedia Developers as I am currently interning in the Developer Relations team.

It was a super fun event and we ran a workshop on our early-access RCS API (which was built by yours truly). Got to speak and meet with so many great people and check out other cool exhibitors as well like AWS‘ stand.

MM Team


I went to my first GovHack last year and had such a blast that I thought I’d give it a go again this year. I’m super glad I did as I had an amazing weekend doing so.


Met up with Daniel and Terence to form a team, and ended up with a team of 8 amazing people (including myself, Daniel, Terence, Alice, David M, Kat, David L and Nik).

We started ideation and looking at the datasets and challenges that were available for us to tackle. This was a late night as we started programming some parts of the solution and getting things ready to begin a full day on Saturday.


Saturday morning I was up and at Telstra Labs at 7:50am, quite an early start for a weekend-day 😜. We had some more great ideas for the hack and built these into the ‘OneGov’ platform. We also created a chatbot for the ATO but the phone number expires & changes every 30 days, so if you would like to demo this please feel free to contact me.


Sunday was quite a rush in terms of trying to finish of our three submissions, make the videos and upload them by the 5pm deadline. We managed to do it though, and I was quite impressed with our team’s ability to scramble something together over the course of the weekend. It was a fun event and definitely looking forward to going again to it next year 👌.

We don’t know if we have won or lost our challenges yet, as the prizes are awarded in about a months time. Fingers crossed 🤞.

OneGov NFC

Our legendary Team:


The plan

I haven’t got any other plans solidified yet as for events, but am interested to attend a Melbourne Cocoaheads event as I’ve heard good things about them. We’ll see 😎

Peace! ✌️