One of the coolest things to happen at WWDC for me was my AR Measurement App, RulAR, being featured on the App Store. Being one of the first measurement apps available (as it was released on the same release date as iOS 11), I was quite happy to launch amongst the first AR Apps on the App Store and showcase the great potential AR has for real-world applications.

The feature got the app quite some attention, with over 17,800 downloads and almost 2,000,000 impressions from all over the world. (I never expected to receive this many downloads, and I am absolutely equally stoked and mind-blown – whoa.)

Apple also announced that a new measurement app will be shipping with iOS 12, (to which I’ve now discovered this is called being ‘sherlocked’ by members in the Apple Development Community) and will be called ‘Measure’. It will encompass the compass app, as well as a whole new AR Mode to let you measure objects in the 3D world and take images of these measured objects (like in RulAR ;)). It doesn’t have an iMessage App, no measurement history, only measures distance, and there is no sharing ability within the app itself, but it does have a nice and intuitive UI.

Given that this will probably introduce a decline into the downloads for RulAR when iOS 12 ships, I’ll be slowing down development on RulAR to mostly bug fixes and small enhancements, but might ramp things up depending on how things go. Instead, I’ll be devoting my time to other projects and finishing up loose ends so I can work on some bigger projects :)